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Balkonbar is a unique, social and sustainable company based in Holland, which allows you to really make the most of your balcony by turning it into a bar.

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  • Fantastic product! Easy to assemble! Very stable! Good service! Completely happy!

    Daphne S.

  • Look it shine on my Balcony. The website stated that the delivery could take 3+ weeks and besides this I was properly addressed via Facebook. Man, my balcony shines. SUPER happy with it, let the summer begin.

    Jeroen M.

  • Received my balcony bar today! What a great product! Since I was not sure if the bar would fit on my balcony, I had contact with customer service a number of times, who thought along with me and were super friendly! In one word super!

    Sander B.

  • Recently purchased a balcony bar. Customer service was very friendly and informative. The delivery was a little longer than normal, but this was well communicated by e-mail. I am happy with my purchase!

    Maxime de J.

  • What a great product! Especially now that the sun is shining again. I would recommend it to everyone.

    Raoel H.

  • Very happy with my Balkonbar! Nice design and offers my balcony many possibilities. It is cozy and easy to assemble. You can place plants, snacks and drinks on it without compromising the space on your balcony. Highly recommend it!

    Lisanne W.


Need help?

  • How can I use the Balkonbar?

    You can use the balkonbar as a bar, table or windowsill on the railing of your balcony. Balkonbar is easy to assemble and attach and fits on pretty much every balcony railing. Even though the Balcony bar is pretty strong, please don’t sit on it or place very heavy objects on it. The elevated barrier on the Balkonbar will help avoid objects falling of, but please still be careful placing objects on the Balconbar because they can still fall off, especially with strong wind. Use the Balkonbar responsible and that way we can all avoid accidents.

  • What kind of balcony does Balkonbar work on?

    The Balkonbar can be attached to virtually every balcony railing. There is a model for a square railing, a round railing and even for walls and glass railings. If you do have a funky balcony or strange sizes, just mail us at for questions or tips and we’ll be happy to help.

    Choose your railing here.

  • Can I assemble the Balkonbar myself?

    The Balkonbar is easy to assemble. Please make sure that you do ask help when attaching it to the railing to avoid dropping it.