Pigeon nuisance

As you may know pigeons can drive many balcony owners to despair with their shit and cooing. Time for action! The most sustainable ways to scare away these birds are:

  • Water and food: pigeons are in love with water and food. Remove food and water to make it as unattractive as possible for them.
  • Pigeon spikes: cheap, practically invisible, weather resistant and durable. You can place pigeon spikes on the border of your balcony or on the roof. This way you ensure that pigeons will no longer see your balcony as the perfect place to stay.
  • String a rope: by stringing a thin rope 10 cm above the balustrade of your balcony, pigeons will look for another spot to land.
  • Hang up CDs: pigeons are known as very jumpy in general. By the sight of any sparkle, they will search for a safer place to stay.
  • Strong herbs: pigeons as well as other birds are not a big fan of strong herbs and spices. So, this means you can scare away pigeons by sprinkling strong spices like red pepper, cinnamon, garlic or cayenne pepper on your balcony.
  • Fake raptor: if you display a fake owl or crow, pigeons will see them as a danger. Tip: move them regularly, otherwise pigeons will get used to them and simply come back to visit your balcony.
  • Cat: like mice, pigeons don’t like cats!

 Written by: Lotte Coers