9 tips for a budget friendly balcony makeover

A balcony makeover doesn't have to be expensive. First of all, take inside out (cushions, rugs, chairs, tables). No need to buy twice!

  1. Wooden pallets: durable, sturdy and great to use as a basis for a lovely lounge sofa on the balcony. Complete the sofa with comfortable cushions.
  2. Beer crates: did you have a party? Beer crate(s) left? A cheerful garden cushion on top and you have an original and cozy stool to sit on. Tip: spray the beer crate in a nice color.
  3. Glass jars are ideal as tea light holders. For example, decorate them with blackboard paint and make a drawing on it afterwards with crayons or stick them full with tissue paper for a nice effect. Empty glass bottles are ideal candle holders.
  4. Branches: Self-collected sticks from the forest can be used to make a plant rack by tying the sticks together.
  5. Tins: a tin can serve as a flower pot. Make some holes in the bottom, so that the excess water can drain away when you water the flowers.
  6. Terracotta Pots: Simple terracotta pots are ideal for planting. Tip: paint them in a nice color.
  7. Wicker Roller Blind: a budget-friendly, functional way to protect yourself from the sun while also creating privacy. In addition, it provides a nice decoration for the balcony.
  8. Oil lamps: an ideal and environmentally friendly solution to shine while reading a book, for example.
  9. Fruit boxes: from storage furniture to a stool to sit on. A fruit box is at home in all markets. A little sanding and it is ready for use and also dirt cheap.

Written by: Lotte Coers