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Balkonbar for a straight railing

In this video we show you how to easily put the straight Balkonbar together. After 10 min You get your hands out of the sleeves you can enjoy your balcony!

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Balkonbar for a round railing

Also many balconies have a round railing. Simply see how you can put them together.

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Enjoy the city outside?

Look here for the concept of the Balkonbar! Have a nice job and then together with your friends drink champagne on your balcony!

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What customers say

Because I live on such a small balcony, the Balkonbar is the ideal solution for me, so I make the most of the space I have.

Alexander from Delft

I recently ordered 4 Balkonbarren and now have my entire balcony devised with the delightful bar. I should have thought of this myself!

Rose from Amsterdam

Quite a long visit to a handy solution for my little balcony but now I found it! It was a bit too much.

Marjolein from Rotterdam

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