Fraké Hanging Garden Combi

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The hanging garden can be attached to the bottom of your Balkonbar or to the wall or balcony divider. The hanging garden holds pots above one another, making the best of the space available.

Material properties

Fraké Wood is a thermally treated hardwood which gives it a very high durability. The treatment gives Fraké wood a warm reddish-brown colour with a unique drawing.
Fraké Wood is a natural material and will eventually become gray. How fast this is going depends on the orientation of your balcony, weather influences, etc. The ageing process can be inhibited by means of a layer of oil or stain, like for example natural linseed oil which in our Webshop To obtain.
This kind of wood can prevent small black holes in the wood from being visible. However, they have no negative effect on quality. Balkonbar cannot be held responsible for this.

See heading Sustainability For detailed information by wood type.

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Fraké Hanging Garden Combi

€ 89

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