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Frequently Asked questions

How can I use the Balkonbar?

You can use the balkonbar as a bar, table or windowsill on the railing of your balcony. Balkonbar is easy to assemble and attach and fits on pretty much every balcony railing. Even though the Balcony bar is pretty strong, please don’t sit on it or place very heavy objects on it. The elevated barrier on the Balkonbar will help avoid objects falling of, but please still be careful placing objects on the Balconbar because they can still fall off, especially with strong wind. Use the Balkonbar responsible and that way we can all avoid accidents.

What kind of balcony does Balkonbar work on?

The Balkonbar can be attached to virtually every balcony railing. There is a model for a square railing, a round railing and even for walls and glass railings. If you do have a funky balcony or strange sizes, just mail us at for questions or tips and we’ll be happy to help.

Standard railing

The Balkonbar is very suitable to attach to straight railings. By turning the butterfly nuts you clamp the Balkonbar deadlocked to your railing. The maximum dimension of the railing bar to which the Balkonbar can be attached are 16.5 cm wide and 13cm high.

Round railings

The attachment to round railings is a little different than square models. The attachment for round railings is flexible and can be attached to railings between 3.5cm and 8cm diameter (roughly 11cm and 25cm circumference). You can measure the circumference easily by rolling some paper or string around the railing and then measuring it.


A confirmation is also available for walls. In This construction The wall is clamped between 2 brackets as it were. The construction is suitable for walls with a width of 7 to 12.5 cm. The walls of the wall must be the same.

Glass reling

Lots of new apartments have a super-luxurious glass railing. We made some cool braces especially for glass walls using plastic clamps which hug the glass without damaging it.

What are the sizes of the Balkonbar?
Can I assemble the Balkonbar myself?

The Balkonbar is easy to assemble. Please make sure that you do ask help when attaching it to the railing to avoid dropping it.

How do I attach a single Balkonbar?

The Balkonbar is easy to attach to most balcony railings. The product packaging also contains detailed assembly and attachment instructions.

Before attaching the Balkonbar, make sure you measure the distance between the bars on your railing. This will define the distance between the braces. With square railings the construction is applied in
between the bars, with a round railing you will use the bars for attachment.

What kind of tools do I need?

The Balkonbar can easily be assembled and attached using an electric drill with a philips head. The tough ones can also use muscles and simply use an old fashioned Philips screw driver. Good for you!

How can I attach multiple Balkonbars to my balcony?

You can decide to hang one Balkonbar to your balcony or go all out and use your entire balcony as one big bar. It’s really up to you. Check out our inspiration page for thoughts on this. We advise you to use a plan to hang up multiple Balkonbars. It’s important to measure up your balcony. Measure the length of the entire area where you want to have a bar. Generally speaking a Balkonbar is one meter, but should you need less you can always shorten it. If you need 3.3 meters, for example, you could use two Balkonbars and shorten them to 0.75m to make the following plan:

Can I make a corner Balkonbar?

Sure, you just have to saw a corner into one of the Balkonbars to create the setup below:

The setup above would make a corner bar from 5 pieces onto one railing.

How do I assemble the Balkonbar?

We deliver the Balkonbar in a handy do-it-yourself kit. Before attaching the Balkonbar to the railing you will have to assemble the Balkonbar on a table. For ease of use we recommend using an electric drill with a philips head. We made an easy-to-follow instructions manual so that basically anyone can assemble the Balkonbar. The instructions can be downloaded here. We also made a video for those that can’t read, or don’t want to.

Hanging Garden

How does the hanging garden work?

How to use the Hanging Garden?

The Hanging Garden supports a green living environment in the city and a trend to eat healthy and fresh.

The Hanging Garden is ideal for growing your own herbs and vegetables. You can choose from a version with and without notches (10 cm diameter) for flower pots or a combination model. The Hanging Garden is designed in such a way that you can easily place it anywhere, both outside and inside, but the best thing is of course under your own Balcony Bar.

Where can I hang the Hanging Garden?

The Hanging Garden can be hung up almost anywhere, such as under your Balcony Bar, on the balcony railing, on the fence or just indoors.

What is the size of the Hanging Garden?
Can I assemble the Hanging Garden myself?

The Hanging Garden is easy to assemble yourself. You will receive the Hanging Garden with an installation manual.

What kind of tools do I need?

The Hanging Garden can easily be assembled with a cordless drill with a crosshead bit. You can also assemble the Hanging Garden with a Phillips screwdriver.

How do I assemble the Hanging Garden?

The Hanging Garden will be delivered in a handy package. You can use a cordless drill with crosshead bit to mount the Hanging Garden. We have made a simple manual for you which makes it easy assemble your Hanging Garden step by step. Download the manual here.

Gift Card

How does the Gift Card work?

How does the Gift Card work?

A Balkonbar or Hanging Garden is a very original gift, for example for a housewarming. Such a gift makes it even more fun with the special plywood Balkonbar Gift Card by which you can tinker a mini Balcony Bar!

With the unique code you can choose a Balkonbar or Hanging Garden in our webshop.

How to order the Gift Card?

On the website you can easily order a Gift Card for yourself or for someone else. You will receive an Plywood gift card at home with a unique code that you can use to purchase the product (s) of your choice. Go to the website with the code and fill in the code you received during the payment process. Does the code not work? Please contact us via Online you can order Gift Cards of € 25, -, € 50, -, € 75, -, € 100, -, € 150, - or € 200, -.

Does Balkonbar provide a service to pack your order in wrapping paper?

Unfortunately we can’t provide the service to pack your package in wrapping paper since we are working with a social workshop.

My order

My order?

Can I track my order?

We ship our orders twice a week from our warehouse in Amsterdam. When your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail with the track & trace number.

How can I change/cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, you must notify us as soon as possible - within 24 hours - by e-mail to If you want to change your order, you can also contact us via

What should I do if my order is not complete?

Since we work with a social workplace, it can happen that a component is missing. Send us an e-mail to The missing parts will be sent on the same day or next working day.

I have ordered / received the wrong product, what now?

Please contact us as soon as possible via We will provide a suitable solution!

Till when can I return my order?

The Balkonbar can be returned within two weeks (calculated from receipt date). You only get your money back if the products are returned unused and in original packaging.

How can I return my order?

Send an e-mail with order number to Write down the order number and your name on the box.

The products can be sent to:
Vasco-fullfilment/ Balkonbar BV
Twijnstraweg 15-17
2941 BW Lekkerkerk

If the bar is received in good order, we will refund the money to your account. Return costs are for your own account.


How to use Bar Oil?

Why using Bar Oil?

Our Bar oil is the perfect natural oil that protects your bar against outdoor weather conditions. The oil can easily be applied with a cloth or a sponge. After finishing make sure to dry the cloth to avoid fire hazard, because natural linseed oil is flammable!

How often should I use the Bar Oil?

We advise to apply the oil at least twice a year for maximum results. After finishing make sure to dry the cloth to avoid fire hazard, because natural linseed oil is flammable!


What is the delivery time?

We send out our orders on Mondays and Thursdays if we received your order before 8 pm the day before. By choosing two shipping days in the week, we can keep our costs low. We deliver our packages with DHL or DPD. You can follow your order by a Track & Trace code which you receive from us. In case you are not at home, the package will delivered at the neighbours or brought to a DHL or DPD warehouse.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipments within the Netherlands are free from €75, - outside the Netherlands we are forced to charge a small fee. Dutch orders are shipped with DHL and outside the Netherlands we ship with DPD.

Can I track my order?

We ship our orders twice a week from our warehouse in Amsterdam. When your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail with the track & trace number.

Do you ship outside the EU?

Recently we can send our patented braces worldwide. Send a message to for more information!


How do I pay in the webshop?

How can I pay in the webshop?

You can pay using the following methods: iDEAL, Paypal, Giropay, Maestro, MisterCash / Bancontact, Mybank, Sofortbanking, Visa and Mastercard. For some of the payment methods we charge extra costs.

Do I get the shipping costs back when I return my order?

The total amount of the order will be refunded to your account. You will therefore receive the shipping costs. The return costs are for your own account.

Wood and sustainability

About our wood and sustainability

What is the origin of the wood?
Douglas Wood

Douglas is one of the hardest European pinewoods with a fine to moderately rough nerve. Untreated Douglas has a lifespan of approximately 10 years. The Douglas glows light through the influence of solar radiation greyish, this gives the wood a rustic look. If you want to keep the recognizable red glow, our wood supplier advises to treate the wood with linseed oil. Of course you can also choose different types of wood stains. Wood is a natural product and there are always deviations in it and cracks can occur.

Fraké Wood

Frake is a sustainable wood from Mid-Africa. This wood is thermally treated, making it last much longer out in the weather. The treatment also gives the wood a warm redisch brown colour with a unique pattern.


Bamboo is a kind of grass which grows faster than any other crop in the world. That makes it really environmentally friendly compared to other types of wood. Bamboo is also super-strong too because of its fibres. New treatment technologies have made bamboo into a perfect building material for outside. The type we use for our Bamboo Balkonbar is a composite of bamboo, wax, and recycled plastic. This makes the Bamboo Balkonbar a very durable and long lasting product with little maintenance.

Do I have to treat the wood?

In principle, the wood of our products does not need to be treated. But since wood is a natural product it will always be small deviations over time, such as small cracks and color difference. Wood will always turn gray untreated. This gives the wood a rustic look. But if you want to preserve the original color of the wood, our wood suppliers advise to treat the wood. The wood can be treated with natural oil, stain or paint. We sell linseed oil under the name of Bar Oil in our webshop.

What is the effect oil on the wood?

We sell Bar Oil in our shop. This is a natural linseed oil that protects the original color of the wood against weather influences. The oil can easily be applied with a cloth or a sponge. Follow these steps: 1. Make sure that the wood is dry before applying the oil.
2. If the wood is humid during the finish, it may result in black spots.
3. Apply the oil thinly with a brush, roller or cloth
4. Allow about half an hour to dry
5. Remove the surface with clean, dry cloth so that no oil remains on the surface
6. Let the rags spread out to prevent scalding. If necessary, apply the following layers after a day of waiting and apply as many layers until the wood has nothing
absorbs more and is therefore saturated We recommend this action two to three times per
year for maximum results. Make sure that you let the cloth dry out first to avoid a fire hazard, because natural linseed oil is flammable.

Why is the Balcony Bar a sustainable and social product?

We use different types of wood for our products. One of the most common types of wood is Douglas one of the hardest European softwood species which is classified as durability class 3. The wood we use has been PEFC inspected and comes from forests in the Netherlands and Germany. After the wood has dried, it is delivered directly from the sawmill to the social workshop where it is
further processed into the Balkonbar. Other types of wood we use are all sustainably harvested and contribute to local development.

Why is the Balkonbar a local product?

We have sustainability and social entrepreneurship high on the agenda and believe that the Balkonbar should contribute to a healthy and inclusive society. We do this by working closely together with our social partners Pantar in Amsterdam and Reestmond in Meppel. These reintegration companies stand for the development of talents and opportunities for people with disabilities. Thanks to your purchase, they are assured of a nice and challenging workplace and you ensure that the product originates in a healthy and sustainable environment.


Is the Balkonbar also in other stores for sale?

Where can I buy the Balkonbar physically?

All products are for sale at the Balkonie in Amsterdam West and in Amsterdam Oost. Look for more locations on the page "about us". Please contact us if you want to become a Balkonnbar retailer.

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