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Not oiled after 10 years

Douglas Wood

Douglas is a sustainable wood from Europe certified by the PEFC Certificate. We recommend to treat, stain or paint the wood. In this way you can preserve the quality and appearance of the wood as optimally as possible. Bottles of natural linseed oil suitable for your Douglas Balcony are available in our webshop.

Not oiled after 10 years

Fraké Wood

Frake is a sustainalbe wood from Mid-Africa. This wood is treated thermically making it last much longer out in the weather. The treatment also gives the wood a warm redisch brown colour with a unique pattern. We recommend to treat the wood with oil, to maintain its characteristic appearance. Bottles of natural flaxseed oil suitable for your Fraké Balcony bar are available in our webshop. Note: small holes may be visible in the wood. Don't worry, because they don't have a negative effect on the quality of the wood.

Oiled after 10 years


Bamboo is a grass species and is the fastest growing crop in the world! As a result, bamboo offers significant environmental benefits compared to "normal" wood. Bamboo is also extremely strong due to its long fibre. Thanks to new processing technologies, bamboo has now been developed into a perfect building material for outdoor use. The type used for the Balcony Bar is a composite consisting of bamboo, resin and recycled plastic. The bamboo Balcony Bar therefore naturally has a high degree of durability and remains beautiful for a long time without additional treatment.


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